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10/27/2020 (7:16pm)

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10/18/2020 (7:00pm)

The Tim-Horton-Ejection Complexity

10/17/2020 (1:48pm)


10/10/2020 (1:12pm)

Netflix: Community

10/09/2020 (12:43am)

Sacrifice analysis!

10/5/2020 (8:55pm)

Yeild much?

Make Communism Great Little Bit Again!

9/24/2020 (Update)

Pritom Sarker, Ph.D announced the release of C-+ 1.0 yesterday.

9/25/2020 (Update)

Pritom Sarker, Ph.D will announce his 2021 tour with Elon Musk and Steven Wilson.